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From time to time, businesses desire certain resources, alliances or services from outside parties. These desired resources may comprise of any of the following:

  • Assets or Capital - Attracting money to purchase real estate, equipment or other assets,

  • Human Resources - Inviting key executives to help your business grow,

  • Product Lines - Permission to distribute quality products from the manufacturer or wholesaler,

  • Sales Channels - Adding a stream of end buyers or sales outlets to help move your product lines,

  • Other Resources - Obtaining a lease space, purchasing a franchise, securing a government contract, etc...


When businesses seek to culminate a significant transaction, it may be time to prepare a professional Business Proposal.

Business Proposal - What Is It?

A Business Proposal, also referred to as Proposal or Offer, is a professional document prepared by a business organization having the primary objective of convincing an outside party to allocate one or more resources to the business. As such, the Business Proposal is a broad term encompassing many types of specific documents including Investor Proposals, Proposals to Lease Space, responses to an RFP posting, or Partnership Proposals.  Nevertheless, all Business Proposals involve the description of a main idea that is being proposed, ots important terms concerning the idea, the mutual benefits gained by both parties, major stipulations as to the acceptance of the proposal, supporting backup information, financial projections or forecasts if applicable, and any relevant documents or other information that may be required to convince the audience to accept the Business Proposal.

For the Business Proposal to serve its purpose, the document hopes that the audience do two things:

  1. read the document and

  2. make the decision to accept the proposal


Consequently, it is not enough to provide the reader with a simple list of proposed terms. To be effective, the ideal Business Proposal should speak to your audience as a credible presenter of your message in your absence. To be successful, the Proposal should be designed and written with the following three characteristics as a foundation:

  1. Informative - So that the reader has complete knowledge of significant implications of your proposed terms.

  2. Interesting - So that the reader may reads the entire document. So many Proposals are long-winded and boring, and therefore never get completely read.

  3. Persuasive - So that the reader may be motivated into making the desired decision.

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Business Proposals - Value Added

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Business Proposal Services

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Business Proposal Writer and Consultant

Effective proposal writing is a learned skill. To help your project achieve its goal, you have the choice of hiring a professional writer or a business consultant.


Whereas a Business Proposal Writer should be a seasoned expert on the art of creating a professional document based on information that you provide, a Business Proposal Consultant possesses an in-depth knowledge of your business and standard industry practices for laying out your proposed business terms. When you hire us, you get both.


We spend the necessary time to explain the many types of proposals available to you and the advantages of choosing one proposal type over the other. After learning your desired goals, we guide your team to a clear strategy that sets out your proposal objectives and design the perfect presentation to convince your reader. With 25 years experience in structuring business proposals that make senses and preparing advanced business documents, BP Consultants is your personal one-stop consultant and writer for planning your strategy and writing the proposal. We are ready to utilize our vast knowledge in business and business modeling to help you get the job done/ Our approach to Business Proposal development is straightforward:

  • Collaborate with key business owners and relevant managers

  • Target desired business objectives and lay out feasible term options

  • Produce the highest standard Business Proposal to help you meet your goal

Business Proposal

Our Expertise in Business Proposal Writing

As a national authority over developing advanced business documents, including Private Placement Memorandums, Business Plans, Investor Proposals, and RFP's, we served as Lead Consultant to hundreds of entrepreneurs, advising on feasible proposal strategy and and serving as Business Proposal Consultant to corporate entities with specific goal. He is available to oversee the entire proposal project from early-stage planning to audience acceptance.

Types of Business Proposals

Would you believe that an online search for "types of business proposals" overwhelmingly yields back the following uninformative and outright patronizing results:

  • Formally Solicited

  • Informally Solicited

  • Unsolicited

That's like asking a chauffeur what year. make and model vehicle they drive, only to be told that they bought their vehicle from a dealer, from a friend, or online. You still have no idea what you're traveling in.

In regards to your proposal, we venture to surmise that you already know whether your proposal is formally solicited, informally solicited, or unsolicited. That may be why you are reading this page. So in no uncertain terms. here is a list of our most requested Business Proposals.

Types of Business Proposals are broken down by the primary objective that the document intends to achieve. The seven most popular types of business proposals are:

  1. Investor Proposal - The vast majority of business proposals are prepared to raise capital from one single investor (angel investor or a potential business partner). Somewhat similar to a Business Plan, the Investor Proposal presentation concerns itself with describing the business concept and proposes profit sharing terms to the investor.

  2. Loan Proposal - The second most popular business proposal is submitted to a lending institution also to raise capital. Since the repayment of the loan is the main concern of the lender, conservative yet achievable financial projections are key in the Loan Proposal. The Projected Cash Flow Statement will be critical.

  3. Landlord Lease Proposal - The growing trend for national retail property management companies is to ask future tenants for a business plan. In reality, the document is truly a Landlord Lease Proposal (still titled Business Plan), emphasizing key points and terms that are important to the Landlord. Proposed terms should include requested length of the lease in years, any lease renewal options, amount of proposed rent and desired landlord concessions. Showcasing your credibility as well as your clientele's ability to add to the product mix of the retail center is crucial to persuade the landlord to choose your company over other businesses.

  4. Joint Venture Proposal - More so than other types of Business Proposals, a Joint Venture Proposal is an outside-the-box document with its content and document outline custom-tailored to the details of the venture. An example of this is a real estate developer requesting to utilize a land owner's parcel for real estate construction.

  5. Services Rendered Proposal - Also called a Contract Proposal, this type of proposal aims to sell products or services to a large customer account. Company financial projections are not shown to the customer, rather they are sometimes substituted with economical benefits (value proposition) of purchasing your goods or services.

  6. Response to an RFP - Whereas the Joint Venture Proposal provides the most flexibility in structuring the document's outline, responses to RFP are highly rigid and must adhere to the format provided by the organization posting the RFP.  Complete credible responses and following precise instructions (some instructions are hundreds of pages long) are mandatory for being considered.

  7. Franchise Acquisition Proposal - Most U.S. based franchises now require the prospective franchisee to submit a proposal to the corporate franchise as an integral component of the franchise application. Showcasing your management abilities and highlighting a proven track record within the franchise industry is essential to getting your proposal accepted.

Many proposal writers have no real-world business experience. They may have written a couple of presentations under one specific proposal type or another but lack the knowledge of the many types of Business Proposals and how to utilize them effectively. They will try to persuade you to structure your deal the same way they did before, designing a document called Your Business Proposal that will simply not get the job done. There are also online Business Proposal providers that sell templates at a discount for you to fill out. We believe that exercising either scenario would be a grave mistake causing your reader to make an adverse decision. Not only is this a waste of your valuable time and money, more importantly, your project is dead in the water.

Business Poposal Consultant
Business Proposal Writer

Investor Proposal

Somewhat similar to a Business Plan, the Investor Proposal presentation concerns itself with describing the business concept and proposes profit sharing terms to the investor.

Loan Proposal

A Loan Proposal is submitted to a lending institution to raise capital. Conservative yet achievable financial projections are key in the Loan Proposal. 

Business proposals

Landlord Lease Proposal

Proposed terms should include requested length of the lease in years, any lease renewal options, amount of proposed rent and desired landlord concessions.

Consultants for business proposal


We are ready to provide you as much (or as little) guidance as your team requires with the development of your Business Proposal terms:

  • Business Concept Development

  • Business Operational Planning

  • Strategic Consultation

  • Fundraising Consultation

  • Performance Optimization

  • Business Proposal Management

investor proposal writer and consultant


This is where we shine. Your financial projections should be appealing to your company and enticing to your prospective reader. We prepare:

  • Sales Forecasting

  • Personnel Plan

  • Profit and Loss

  • Cash Flow Projections

  • Balance Sheet

  • Quantifiable Financial Benefit

professional investor proposal


Why are most Business Proposals presented in a lackluster fashion?  We design Business Proposals and other presentation documents to the highest standard to make sure that your credibility is established and the deal gets done.

  • Business Proposals

  • Business Plan

  • Pitch Decks

  • PowerPoint Presentations

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Are You Ready To Hire The Best Business Proposal Consultant?

If you are contemplating a proposal to help your business grow,  we want to show you how our Business Proposal Consulting services will maximize your chances of success. Why not give us a call to schedule a free one-one-consultation


BP Consultants' expert presentation services offers you as much, or as little, involvement in your project, but always aiming at the goal of getting your proposal accepted .

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