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"We value each and every client and measure your success on our ability to help you meet your unique business objective!
Here is a preview of testimonials from previous clients. It is our desire to help your company also become successful so you too may offer your own testimonial about how BP Consultants helped you achieve your business goals."
- Management -
BP Consultants


Bank Loan
Asset Purchase
Start-up Company

Good morning,


WOW!!! [The Business Plan] Looks fantastic! Content and presentation are on point! 

Thank you!

- Michael B. -
San Diego, California
Real Estate Purchase
Start-up Funding
100% Financing Plan

WOW!!!! We just reviewed the plan and we are BLOWN AWAY! I don't see anything that needs correction at all, it's beyond perfect. What else can I say, this is AMAZING! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

- Jennifer S. -
Houston, Texas
Start-up Funding
Franchise Purchase
SBA Loan

I wanted to let you know I got an approval for an SBA backed loan for my franchise purchase. Thanks for all your help including your valuable insight and experience in the process. It's been a pleasure working with you. I'll keep you posted on our progress and I will definitely reach out to you in the future for any other opportunities.

Thanks again,

- Mark V. -
Los Angeles, California
Product Launch
Product Licensing
Brand Development

Good News,

I got the Licensing approved! I couldn't have done it without the professional Business Plan and the Marketing Plan.


- Brittney Z. -
Chicago, Illinois
Strategy & Organization
SBA Loan Package
Product Launch
2 THUMBS UP.......WAAAYYYY UP!!I met BP Consultants through an internet advertising, and to be sure, I was extremely skeptical. They sounded knowledgeable, the price was very affordable and the information checked out. I needed a complete Business Plan for bank submission and wanted ASAP, so I took a chance and hired this company.Right away I received a short questionnaire that took me 5 minutes to fill out, and I had my first tele-conference the same day. The financial plan that they completed in two days was nothing short of spectacular. i am not an accountant, but I understood the entire financial plan.The finished Business Plan document I received was 25 pages and described completely my business, my products, how I market to my customers, as well as my management and personnel plan. They even did a market analysis and showed it through tables and graphs.I am so glad I found this company, and I will use them again and again for all my business presentations.If you have any questions for me regarding their service please e-mail me. Kind regards,
- J Williams -
Miami, Florida
Demographics Research
Investor Proposal
I've contacted BP Consultants, and they were wonderful, understanding and patient with me and my needs. They go above and beyond. I would recommend BP Consultants to all. Thank you very much.
- L Henderson -
Atlanta, Georgia
Mission Statement
Sales Strategy
Personnel Plan
My writer was able to successfully take our business vision and create an effective and direct business plan that gave us credibility and communicated our message and concept in a direct and succinct manner. The plan has been instrumental in helping raise capital for our new venture and I'd recommend their service to anyone in need of a business plan. Thanks again!
- Karina S. -
San Diego, California
Pro Forma Projections
Financial Planning
CGS Forecasting
Market Analysis
I needed a business plan, and needed it quick. I am so glad I found BP Consultants. They are AWESOME. my business plans looks great and reads wonderful. The consultant was very easy to get a hold of and talk to about my business. Very professional, he gave himself a deadline and beat it. I can't say enough about this company. They have a business for life. Thank you.... GREAT JOB.
- J. Clayton -
 Las Vegas, Nevada
Sales Forecasting
Net Worth Statements
Cashflow Analysis
After searching for a someone to help me with my business plan financials at a reasonable price I found BP Consultants. I can't tell you how much I appreciate their work and how much time they saved me. I was hesitating at the beginning as you can imagine all the scams that are on Craigslist and was afraid to get burnt, but I found my consultant to be a true professional person. He delivered the project way and beyond my expectation. It was truly a pleasure working with him. If you have any business plan that needs to be worked on or reviewed by a professional, this is the company!!.
- Yaniv H. -
 New York, New York
Net Worth Statements
Sales Forecasting
Net Worth Statements
I was extremely skeptical at first, but needed a business plan fast and didn't have the time to do it. BP Consultants was extremely knowledgeable and gave excellent service that was beyond my expectation. The business plan was more than I expected and I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend. A++++ service.
- Jessica R. -
Indianapolis, Indiana
Sales Forecasting
Net Worth Statements
Sales Forecasting
Good afternoon, I hope all is well. I just want to take the time out and thank you for your assistance. I am pleased to announce that my loan was approved AND I closed on the loan a few moments ago. THANK YOU!!!
- Sharece D. -
Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
Bank Loan
Business Purchase
Retail Brand
Thank you very much!!
We received bank financing and are going forward with the business purchase.
- Dan K. -
Oakland, California
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