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SBA Business Plan Writer

So your company is in the process of applying for an SBA Guaranteed Business Loan. As you may have already realized, you will need to submit a comprehensive Business Plan as part of your SBA business loan application.


Many businesses make the mistake of hiring a normal Business Plan writer to help them prepare this technical document, thinking that all business plans are the same. Even worse, some businesses submit an internal strategic Business Plan and find out quickly that their application has been turned down.

To have the absolute best opportunity for an SBA loan approval, you should hire an expert SBA Business Plan Writer who understands the unique nuances of SBA Business Plan writing.

 SBA Business Plan - Shouts Out The Good, Whispers The Rest

As part of your application with the SBA, your loan request will target one or more of SBA's Guaranteed Business Loan Programs (to find out more about the SBA and programs they offer, click here). Your SBA Business Plan must address the specific program sought, and your financial projections must incorporate specific SBA financial guidelines from the particular program(s) targeted.


The vast majority of business plan writers (even many expensive firms) are not versed with SBA guidelines and will struggle to make sense of SBA's program intricacies. Almost always, a generic business plan results in inconsistent financial presentation,and/or incomplete narrative development causing your loan application to get turned down. On the other hand, an internal Strategic Business Plan is the worst kind of Business Plan variation to present to your lender, as by definition the Strategic Plan focuses on dangerous industry threats and glaring company weaknesses that will dissuade your lender from touching your loan. As we like to boldly point out, if written properly, your Strategic Plan airs out your dirty laundry, while your SBA Business Plan is fighting hard to get you a loan.

  • Generic Business Plan - Too general for an SBA loan application and does not comply with specific SBA guidelines

  • Strategic Business Plan - If written properly, should scare the heck out of any reader outside company management

  • SBA Business Plan - Will address out the specific program you are applying for and your qualifications that make you eligible for the program qualification for th, and why your company qualifies for that particular loan.

Embedded within the mountain of documents submitted throughout the SBA loan process, your SBA Business Plan becomes the single most important document, serving as your advocate in persuading your lender and the SBA to approve your loan.

Your SBA Business Plan Writer - What You Should Look For

At the very least, your Business Plan Writer must show a demonstrated track record of successfully working with SBA approved lenders, and having their SBA Business Plans approved. Furthermore, your Business Plan Writer should be familiar with your particular industry, as some industries are not eligible for SBA loans. Finally, your SBA Business Plan Writer should have a deep knowledge of available SBA loan programs and the guidelines under each program:

  • Successful SBA track record

  • Knowledge of your specific industry

  • Deep understanding of the SBA program that you are apply for and its unique criteria

Are You Ready To Hire The Best SBA Business Plan Writer?

Is your business applying for an SBA Loan? BP Consultants is the national authority on SBA Business Planning writing. As a nationally renowned SBA loan program expert, we have consulted and written hundreds of Business Plans with financial projections that halve help the business owner meet specific lender criteria including the SBA. BP Consultants provides expert SBA-related services offering you as much, or as little, involvement as your project requires, but always aiming at the goal of getting your business loan approved.

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