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So you need a Business Plan Writer to help you prepare a Business Plan within your budget... you need it done timely... and you simply will not accept a mediocre document. You've come to the right place. BP Consultants has been writing successful Business Plans for over 25 years. We know small business, and more importantly, we know your industry inside and out.


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Hiring A Business Plan Writer

The Problem - For most entrepreneurs, preparing a BUSINESS PLAN is cumbersome and takes valuable time better spent on operating the business. Enlisting professional help also presents a serious dilemma. Many so-called business plan writers have no real-world business experience. And those who do may prove prohibitively expensive, some charging upwards of many thousands of dollars for a standard business plan package.

Your Solution - We are the leading U.S. authority in Business Plan writing. Established in 1998, BP Consultants has been chosen as the go-to business plan writing company for thousands of small businesses, including well-known franchises and widely recognized brand names like 7-eleven, Avis Car Rental, State Farm Insurance, uBreakiFix, FedEx Ground, La Madeleine Restaurants, Subway, McDonalds, and many many more.

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Plan Writing - What You Need To Know

Not all Business Plans are the same.

In business college, they teach us about the main components of writing a Business Plan - product description, market analysis, implementation strategy, SWOT analysis, financial projections, and so forth. But what they neglect to point out is that the vast majority of "Business Plans" that are written in the real world are not used for strategic planning.


Most Business Plans are actually utilized as presentations. These Business Plan "presentations" are submitted to an outside party to meet a specific objective impacting your business. These objectives may include applying for an SBA Loan, attracting private investors, securing a lease space, gaining a license, etc..

Writing the business plan to meet a primary objective is the single-most crucial element in writing your successful Business Plan. The primary objective should take center stage, affecting the style, content, and the final design of the presentation. On our Business Plans page (found here), we identify 18 different Business Plan variations, each one written in a different style, and emphasizing different components of your business. The Business Plan presentation that you submit to the bank should be a different document than the Business Plan presentation that you give to your landlord. And in turn, they are both different than the Strategic Business Plan that you prepare for your team to follow. Most Business Plan writers don't understand this critical nuance.

Why You Should Call Us:


Business Plan Writer with Proven Results


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Affordable Flexible Pricing

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Business Plan Writers near me
Business Plan Writers

Let's Finish Your Business Plan In Three Easy Steps:

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What We Can Do For You:


  Business Plan Writer


  Financial Projections Consultants


  Investor Proposals


  Pitch Deck - Full Color Design


  SBA Business Plan (Top Experts)


  Stunning Request For Proposal (RFP)


  Private Placement Memorandum (PPM)

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Your Business Plan Writer - What You Should Look For

At the very least, your Business Plan Writer must show a demonstrated track record of successfully writing Business Plans for the very specific objective that you seek. Furthermore, your Business Plan Writer should be familiar with your particular industry. Finally, your Business Plan Writer should have a deep knowledge of the guidelines for the Business Plan version you are trying to create:

  • Successful track record for your primary objective

  • Knowledge of your specific industry

  • Understanding of the particular Business Plan Version that you require

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Are You Ready To Hire The Best Business Plan Writer?

Do you need a Business Plan Writer? BP Consultants is the national authority on Business Plan writing. As a nationally renowned small business writing and planning expert, we have consulted with business owners and written hundreds of Business Plans that halve helped the business owner meet specific objectives. BP Consultants provides expert Business Plan writing services offering you as much, or as little, involvement in your project as you desire, always aiming at the goal of getting your primary objective met.

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