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Business Plan Consultant

The Business Plan is the cornerstone to launching your business. 

Business Plan Consultant vs. Business Plan Writer

When you prepare a Business Plan, you should always target a specific objective to meet. For example, is the Business Plan being prepared so that management has a blueprint to follow? Or are you needing a Business Plan to help you attract investor funding? (To find out more about the different types of Business Plans, click here). Regardless of your objectives, you have two options for enlisting help.

You can hire a Business Plan WRITER or you can hire a Business Plan CONSULTANT.

  1. Hire a professional Business Plan Writer

  2. Hire a professional Business Plan Consultant

Both professionals are experts in their own right. One is a professional writer, the other is a Business Planning expert.

Business Plan Writer - Your Writer's Role Is Limited

A Business Plan Writer writes the Business Plan document with strategies and information that YOU provide. The Business Plan writer has a limited role in developing your strategies. The main functions of your Business Plan writer is to collect all necessary information from you, to ensure that the information is coherent and complete, and to design a final Business Plan document.

The Business Plan Writer:

  • Collects Information

  • Checks for completeness and consistency

  • Writes the actual Business Plan

Business Plan Consultant - Wider Scope In Development

On the other hand, a Business Plan Consultant does not write the final document. Your Business Plan Consultant will guide the entire business planning process from concept development through the final presentation.


A Business Plan Consultant is involved in three distinct phases of your Business Plan.

  1. Pre-writing phase - Business Concept Development

  2. Financial Planning phase - Helping you prepare a financial model that makes sense and meets your primary objective

  3. Post-writing phase - Reviewing the final Business Plan and recommending edit

Business Plan Consultant - What A Real Expert Should Do

During the Business Planning process, the experienced Business Plan Consultant will:

  • Analyze the current status of your business

  • Review past performance and company track record

  • Consider the adequacy of your management team and credentials

  • Develop your Business Concept for expanding your business

  • Recommend legal entity structuring and percentage of ownership

  • Help you develop your Sales Forecast and the Personnel Compensation Plan

  • Review the Uses of Proceeds

  • Develop the financial projections

  • Make final recommendations to be incorporated in your Business Plan

  • Work with your writer to produce a cutting edge document

Need More Information?

Is your business in the process of preparing a Business Plan and in need of an Business Planning expert to help you guide your project? BP Consultants is the national authority for strategic Business Planning and consultation to optimize your success. As a nationally renowned Business Plan consultant, BP Consultants has developed hundreds of Business Plans and financial projections to help the business owner meet their objectives. We provide expert Business Planning services offering you as much (or as little) guidance as your project requires, always aiming at the goal of making your business succeed.

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